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Rechargeable Hearing Aids  (Pair Of 2)
Rechargeable Hearing Aids  (Pair Of 2)
Rechargeable Hearing Aids  (Pair Of 2)
Rechargeable Hearing Aids  (Pair Of 2)
Rechargeable Hearing Aids  (Pair Of 2)
Rechargeable Hearing Aids  (Pair Of 2)
Rechargeable Hearing Aids  (Pair Of 2)
Rechargeable Hearing Aids  (Pair Of 2)
Rechargeable Hearing Aids  (Pair Of 2)
Rechargeable Hearing Aids  (Pair Of 2)
Rechargeable Hearing Aids  (Pair Of 2)
Rechargeable Hearing Aids  (Pair Of 2)
Rechargeable Hearing Aids  (Pair Of 2)
Rechargeable Hearing Aids  (Pair Of 2)
Rechargeable Hearing Aids  (Pair Of 2)

Rechargeable Hearing Aids (Pair Of 2)

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Take Back Your Hearing!

Nobody wants hearing aids, but we do need them.

If having your grandkids & spouse constantly have to repeat themselves isn't enough, new research has come out proving that the longer you go without proper hearing support, the more likely you are to suffer from cognitive decline & dementia.

Luckily, not all hearing aids are something we have to dread. Ours offer crystal clear audio with no feedback (whistling, squealing, etc), adjustable listening modes, a discreet & ultra-comfy and have a 48 hour rechargeable battery life. They're also extremely easy-to-use and adjustable to the exact amount of hearing support you need.

If you don't have a prescription or hearing test, that's fine! Starting off at their lowest setting, you can slowly raise the amount of support you get until you're able to hear normally again.

"Better Than My Old $4000 Hearing Aids!"

"After breaking my pair of $4000 hearing aids, I decided to try these and I'm so happy I did. I have no idea how, but the sound quality is actually better with the hearing co! My wife tried them out and loved them as well. Just got my second pair. Thank you so much" - Steven T.

Extremely Easy To Use

At the top of each hearing aid you'll find an easily accessible dial to adjust the amount of hearing support you get. Which can easily be adjusted up to 80 dB in seconds by sliding your finger across it.

Adjustable, Crystal Clear Hearing Support

 Rechargeable Hearing Aids have crisp, clear sound quality without hissing, whistling, or squealing. Even wind noise is barely noticeable, with our built-in background noise cancellation.

Along with volume adjustment, our hearing aids have 2 modes - "H" for louder settings (such as group conversations) and "L" for quieter settings (such as a one-on-one conversation, or watching the TV).

Both of which make voices and other sounds very clear.

Discreet, Extra Comfortable & Can Be Worn With Glasses

They're extremely comfortable and won't rub against your skin or get in the way of your glasses.

The ear-tips/domes are made of ultra-soft silicone, which is gentle & comfy even on the most sensitive of skin.

As for fitment, 4 sizes of form-fitting ear-tips/domes are included in your order to make sure your new hearing aids fit you perfectly.

Rechargeable With 48 Hours Of Battery Life

Our hearing aids are fully rechargable! You'll never have spend money on or struggle installing new batteries again.

On a single 4 hour charge (you can let them charge overnight) you'll have 48 hours of continuous, crystal clear hearing support.

Hear Clearly Everywhere You Go

Our hearing aids help you hear clearly in all situations, without any feedback (whistling, squealing, etc.)

One-On-One Conversations

You'll be able to carry conversations without having to strain or constantly ask the other person to repeat themselves. Muffled voices will become crystal clear.

Watching TV

You'll be able to lower the volume by at least half and even say goodbye to subtitles for good! Music, voices & more will sound clear without any feedback.

Group Conversations

Even with multiple voices & tones, you'll be able to enjoy crystal clear conversations with your friends & family.

On The Phone

Even digital voices and sounds such as phone calls will be easy for you to understand & hear clearly.


Hearing aid FAQs

1. Why do hearing aids "squeak"?

Answer: The continuous "squeak~" sound of the sharp lock appears in the hearing aid, which is the roar of the hearing aid, because the earplugs are not tightly sealed in contact with the ear canal, and the amplified sound leaks from the gap and returns to the microphone is amplified again. In this cycle, the final shrill whistle is produced.For example: When we go to KTV to sing, we will turn the microphone to the stereo and make the same roar.

Solution: Choose the right size of earplugs (different sizes of earplugs are given by randomizers). When wearing them, the earplugs should be tightened to the ear canal without leaving a gap, so as to avoid whistling. In addition, please turn off the switch before wearing, adjust the sound to the minimum, and then turn it on after wearing it. Adjust the sound from small to large to avoid the sound being too loud to stimulate the user's ears.

2. Why is there noise in hearing aids?

Answer: Hearing aids not only amplify the sound, but also adjust the frequency of the sound. Because the hearing loss of the elderly is often the loss of a certain sound audio segment, the hearing aid needs to adjust the frequency of the received sound and then amplify it to assist hearing. And The machine itself will have a certain current sound, and the frequency of the current sound will be formed after being adjusted and amplified.At the current technical level, it is impossible to completely eliminate this background sound.

Solution: Let users try it on in person, because people with normal hearing hear it when wearing it.The rustling sound is obvious, but for people with hearing loss, this background sound is not so obvious. Choose to use the appropriate volume for simple dialogue audition in a normal environment. As long as the operation is correct, the background sound can be slowly adapted.

3. Why is there no sound in hearing aids?

The hearing aid may be out of power. Turn off the power button, charge for 2 hours before turning it on;

Check whether the switch key is turned on and pushed into place;

Check whether the volume is too low and adjust it to the appropriate volume;

Check whether the earplugs are blocked by earwax, clean the earplugs, and keep the hearing aids clean;

Check whether the headphone cable is broken;